Meet your new Maryland Terps’ baseball beat writer

by Ben Belford-Peltzman

Hi all,
The story starts two years ago. It was a beautiful summer day. I had just finished my fourth baseball game of the weekend, and instead of being exhausted, I was bitter. I’m not bothered that I went 2-12 at the plate or botched a ground ball. And it wasn’t that my team didn’t win a game all tournament. It was because I knew that would be the last time I would put on my cleats and play the game I love – Baseball.

Without anyone knowing at the time, I had suffered a torn labrum and a torn rotator cuff six months prior. I did everything I could to fight through the pain, but it became too much. I knew even with surgery, my arm would never be the same. So, on the two-hour car ride back from Southern Virginia, I wondered, What will I do?

There came the idea. If I wasn’t going to play professional sports, I was going to make damm sure I was as close as possible to the action.

As an avid football fan and Boston sports enthusiast, I wanted to write about what I loved most: The New England Patriots. Then The Patriots Beat was born.

Now, with over 500 subscribers, thousands of followers, and daily readers, The Patriots Beat is thriving.

Fast forward a couple of months. Driving home from a high school basketball game, I received a call from an NFL source, giving me an anonymous tip about a player signing back to the Patriots. At that moment, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Sorry for burying the lede. My name is Ben Belford-Peltzman, and I’m your new Maryland baseball beat writer.

I’m an 11th-grade student at Walt Whitman High School, writing for the school’s publication, The Black and White.

As mentioned above, I have a site, The Patriots Beat, where I write about the latest New England Patriots news, rumors, and transactions. But I also write feature articles about players you may not know much about.

That’s my favorite part of writing: discovering stories you would have no idea existed. And that’s what I hope to bring to Talk Terps. A new, unique perspective.

On the baseball side, last season, I wrote for Talk Terp’s affiliate, Talk Nats, and published articles centered around the Washington Nationals. I spoke with Hall-of-Famer Bernie Williams and top draft prospects like Paul Skenes and Dylan Crews.

I will bring you the best Maryland Terrapins baseball team coverage this season. If you want to follow along closely, be sure to give me a follow on Twitter (X) (@Thepatriotsbeat).

With that being said, I’m pumped to get the ball rolling.

Ben Belford-Peltzman
Twitter – @Thepatriotsbeat

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