Game #9 The Maryland Terrapins need a big time win and Penn State is there!

Scott Van Pelt on the video board; Photo by Sol Tucker

This is not a must win game, but it would go a long way in a Bowl bid if the Maryland Terps can beat Penn State today at College Park.

This afternoon game has decades of games dating back to the previous century in Penn State and Maryland matchups. There were times that they played the games in Baltimore when they wanted a larger venue and played on the same field as the Baltimore Colts.

With all of the history, it has been mostly one-sided in Penn State’s favor. At one time, the Terps were the best in the ACC and Penn State the best in the Big-Ten. Now they’re both Big-Ten East schools and the rivalry will really renew when Maryland is a top team.

Being a great team takes recruiting and great coaching. It takes time.

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